“Vulnerability is a strength, vulnerability is true authenticity”

The key to happiness and success is to first recognize who you are and then to develop your talents and qualities. Connect with your true self and give space to your vulnerabilities that inevitably elevate your strengths. According to me this is the true definition of strength.

Acting, based on your intuition, is of utmost importance. How often do you make a decision and get confused as to what the right decision is. Deep down you often do know what is good for you but still decide otherwise. Your head, your heart and your emotions tell you what  is “the best” for you. The key is to get connected to your true intuition and act accordingly. You will experience that this results in enlightenment and that you become more successful and a happier person.

“What is living if I can’t live free….what is freedom if I can’t be me” You can’t hold what’s within” (Bonnie Raitt)

“Your life is happening now….right in front of you” (Christopher Robin)

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